Friday, September 5, 2008

Yesterday & Today =)

Both of these days started like any other day. Wake up at 4.30am for sahur then go back to sleep, then wake up again. Did the same thing on both days too. Chatting with my baby, playing game and so on.

Yesterday i break-fast at Sun & Surf @ Sunway Resort Hotel. Why there ? cause my uncle invited the staff to eat there along with us ( me, sis , ana , azizan and mazrina ). I can say the food is nice especially the satay, fresh oysters and the lamb ! ahah lamb is my favourite !

Ana & Me
Uncle Manan, Me & Azizan
Faiz, Azizan & Ana
Always being weird Azizan
Look at the food that we didnt manage to finish.
Wish we could take away but of course cant lol

After few hours later, Ana, sis and me decided to walk around sunway pyramid before going home. Since Aisha's birthday was on wednesday (2 days ago). Ana decided to buy for her an Armani Code perfume.

Happy belated birthday to you !
Armani Code by Giorgio Armani

While at the same time i decided to buy myself a perfume to use, which is the Polo Black by Polo Ralph Lauren.
Polo Black by Polo Ralph Lauren

Today same thing again. For breaking-fast today we had korean food at Nol Boo Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. Well we are regular customer here since dont know how many years already, the only place where i usually eat korean food. After done eating, decided to buy some famous amos cookies its been awhile since i ate them.

Well today my sis got me a new nike shoe since my shoe is already old and some are stolen lol. Well here's how it looks like.

The box lol
Inside the box ? lol
Outside the box ? Haha

Hmm still dont know what to buy for hari raya clothes. Since i dont know which colour to choose for this year hari raya. Anyway its still too early for that. Hari raya is like 3 more weeks lol.

Anyway i'm still sad since my baby already left for Oxford, UK already :( she's gonna be there for 2 years. Wow such a long period. Hopefully we can stand strong till then.

Till then, wait for more updates. ;)

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