Friday, September 12, 2008

This week happenings

All i can say that this whole week is almost the same as last week.

1) Watch movies
2) Go Bazaar Ramadhan with friends
3) Shopping for Hari Raya
4) Planning to go to Bar-celona on Saturday ?
5) Playing game non-stop
6) Chatting

Most of the days, all i did was go out to watch movies and hanging out with friends either at their house or go to 7th floor at college (pool and snooker place) and not to forget playing games at home yes i know. no life. well what to do i got like 1 month+ of holidays to kill.
One of these days Ryan decided to join me to buka puasa at my house. Well its kinda weird. Since that day suddenly alot of people coming over to my house to buka puasa. Example my sis's friends, sis's bf, my friend and my cousin. More people means more food to share lol we had like a variety of food to choose from. After buka puasa, me and ryan decided to go meet up with Rachel since she called us after buka puasa. We went to college for awhile to meet up with Eugene and Kong. We played few games of pool to kill some time and decided to go to SS14 Mamak Bistro for a drink. Eugene and Kong left after few mins since they got something to do. So me, Rachel and Ryan went back to rachel's place to send her off. We all went back to our home after that. And of course playing game and chatting again....infront of the pc 24/7.

Since most of the time i got nothing better to do. I downloaded some tv series like prison break the new season, some animes and of course movies. Not forgetting the Mtv VMA since i missed it. All of that only kill some of my time. So i need something other than that to help kill some time. I read manga of anime eventhough i know i hate reading. Well what to do, at least i'm doing something.

On Wednesday went to Mcdonald's drive thru somewhere nearby my place to meet up with LG, Nana, Su fen and Sean. Just to hang out and have a lil chat among ourselves.

Mainly talked about what happen or what their experience in doing their training.
Since most of them are training at F&B side. They get paid (damn) while me and Nana are in RD dont get paid :( well actually money is not a big issue anyway.
We talked till its around 1 then decided to get playing card since su fen was talking about some card reading thingy. We all head over to LG's house with Nana's driving us there.

Well su fen's card reading thingy actually kinda true i'm pretty surprised myself. LG showed his 1/4 left of Black Label and Sean got excited to try it lol well since his blood circulation is kinda good, his face easily turn red after drinking. After that we just play big 2 among ourselves and some blackjacks. The clock shows its already 2am and they decided to head back home since its already late. Well basically that's all for Wednesday.

Thursday went smoothly like any other day. Woke up and back to the same routine. I got myself some short pants. Other than that, all i get is stress playing game. Finally i got a call from the Fresh Gear (which is the place i bought my phone and the place where i sent it for repair) informing that my phone is repair and can be picked up tomorrow. Phew after 2 long weeks with my spare phone lol.

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