Friday, September 26, 2008

4 days ago

Well 4 days ago started like any other day...wake up in the morning and stuff like that.
During the afternoon went out with jay,winter and ryan to ftz to play some dota.
After 2 games of dota i got a phone called from my dad.It was around 6.40pm

Dad: Where are u ?
Faiz: At FTZ.
Dad: Come back home now. Someone broke into the house.
Faiz: Okay i'll go back home.

After few mins, i reached home and saw police car already at my house. My sis was like crying cause she was at home that time with my step bro's roommate (he was sleeping and didnt realise his stuff already gone lol). I asked my sis what really happened...she said that 2 chinese guy come into the house and one of them was carrying a rambo knife which was pointing at her while the other guy went to look for stuff to steal. After they finish stealing they took my sis car keys and went off with the car. After they left, my sis quickly phone 999 to call the police. In less than 10 mins the police arrived and already started the patrol car search for my sis car. We went to the police station afterwards like at 8.40pm. When we reach there another victim which was a chinese girl went to report to the police cause she was robbed from the same guys too and was almost being kidnap by them. The police later ask her what was the plate number of the car...she was like MAV 3184 ...we were like that's my sis car its the same guys then. After giving info's to the police we head back home.

3 days later, around 11 am the Inspektor Husairin(the one incharge of this case) called and said that they caught one guy and they already found the car. It was good news for us but we already bought a new viva to replace that car lol. Other than that he said that we need to come by the police station tomorrow for identification of the suspect and also for the car.

Well that's all about the incident. Today need to do the identification and also collect the new viva from perodua we fully paid it by in less than 4 days we already get it. :) if loan sure take weeks.

Apart from that....i still need to see a dentist but most of them are fully booked till after raya damn....cant get my braces done.

Well that's all about it. Stay tuned for more updates :P

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