Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today Me, Sis, Izan, Ana and Mazrina went to PKNS and SACC Mall at Shah Alam.

So the 5 of us went there to buy hari raya clothes there since some clothes are designer's made and can cost you quite alot of money. Especially like my baju melayu cost around RM 500 :). Most of us spend quite alot today for clothes only but i bought like the whole set with the sampin as well the songkok.
My theme for this year is dark blue, well it was suppose to be pink but i thought nvm next year then since blue is favourite color.

While walking around the PKNS we saw this fine masterpiece of Chinese + Arab Caligraphy. Since the 5 of us appreciate arts very much. We went to have a look at their shop which have like alot of caligraphy in all shape and sizes. The best part is the writer of the caligraphy is a chinese muslim from china. He's been writing all these since 40 years ago and i can say he's quite famous since he already made alot of caligraphy for famous people like for example Tun Dr. Mahathir and some other ministers. The one that mostly do the talking is his son cause his dad cant speak malay or english and only in mandarin. The dad only come here once a year sometimes twice a year and mostly he'll be in china. The nice part is that his caligraphy is so freaking nice and its written on pure silk which i thought would be expensive but he sells for very very very reasonable price.

The one that me and Mazrina bought which only cost us around RM 50 only each...really cheap for a masterpiece like this (same as Tun Dr. Mahathir's one)

This is the man that drew all that. He did it in like 3 mins or less ...really pro. The one behind him is the one that ana and izan bought to put at their house.

Ana's one cost RM280 and she bought another 1 which spells her name...really really nice which cost another RM 120. Izan's one cost around RM 220 cause its smaller than ana's one but both without the frame cause with the frame its worth RM800..

After seeing all that went back to SACC Mall to check out alya's(my niece and yes ...i'm already an uncle lol) baju kurung for hari raya. Went to D'rias and bought like 2 for her.

Since the clock shows its already 6.30pm its time to head back home for buka puasa. Went to Thai Corner at Taipan to buka puasa. Like usual butter prawn, tom yam kung, pandan chicken, green curry and kailan oyster sauce. Woah nice right ?

Anyway that's all for now....will be back for more updates...stay tuned...

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