Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why it's boring these days

Holidays still on going and i still can't think of something meaningful to do rather than sitting at home doing the same thing which is play game for hours and hours. Industrial report is 3/4 done and i still got like 6 weeks more or less to do it.

Well since it's Fasting Month, felt kinda lazy to go out. My gf is not in Malaysia. Some friends stayed far away. Some are still working part time.

Sharing what i'm currently listening to these days. Which is a solo album from Alex (Clazziquai) - Vintage Romance.
I've been a fan of Alex's vocals since I first heard him as part of Clazziquai. I also like the presentation of CD albums in Korea.

Nowadays, Alex's popularity has skyrocketed with his participation in a celebreality show called 우리결혼했어요 (We Got Married).Alex's first solo album fits nicely within the Korean ballad genre, but also flirts with a little more rhythm and soul. In addition to a couple of featured rappers, the album includes a few songs most likely inspired by Stevie Wonder. If you've ever been to a noraebang, you know that Koreans love Stevie Wonder. (As does most of the world.)

Currently favorite song in the album is Waltz Lesson feat Whale, Kkakjikkyeoyo feat. Gaeko from Dynamicduo and Miss. Understand feat. Simon Dominic.

You guys should check out the We Got Married korean tv show at It's a really funny show.

The summary of the show ?

4 predetermined (as in participants don't choose who their partner is, but the pairings are set up by the PD) couples are allotted a certain amount of money ($20, $40, etc) to prepare dinner for themselves. The participants try to portray themselves as a real life couple and go out together to buy groceries for dinner. It then follows them to a mock home where they prepare the dinner and eat. In between scenes there are interviews with the participants asking questions like what they feel about their partner and what they like or don't like about him/her. The actual date together as a couple and the interviews are all prefilmed and the participants and MCs watch it all back. At the end, each side of the couple privately chooses if he/she would stay together with his/her partner or not.

The 4 couples which is Crown J and Seo In Young, Andy and Solbi and Hyun Joong and Hwangbo.

Anyway i think that's all for today since i got nothing more to write. I'll be back with more updates. Till then, to be continued...

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