Monday, August 25, 2008

Joanne's 19th birthday and gathering

Yesterday was joanne's 19th birthday.So,happy birthday to her. The day before that we went to her place at ridzuan around midnight to give her a surprise birthday party. Basically we all talked about our experience of training in their respective place. We also planned to go to Pavilion the next day to celebrate her birthday.

Joanne, shae,su fen, yong jay and sean (ps. me n lg were late for the suprise lol)

The next day we all went to pavilion. Since its already lunch time, we all decided to go and eat at The C.Club which is located on top of coach boutique. From the environment of the restaurant you can tell that its an expensive restaurant lol.

The menu


some pictures of the restaurant. They even sell those necklace and diamonds.

Now moving on to the food we've all ordered. haha .From main dishes and deserts. Most of us just took the set lunch menu either rm 39.90 or rm 49.90, some just ordered a la carte menu.

Joanne's food and Yong Jay's food

LG's food and Shae's food

Sean's food and My food

Yong Jay's dessert and My dessert

I already forgot lol well sorry since i cant remember the names of the food since most of them have long names lol.

I can say that the food was nice and the service were very good. lol of course the amount you pay is how much the level service you will get. :P

faiz,sean,shae,lg,nana,su fen,joanne and yong jay.

sean,su fen,nana,shae,joanne,yong jay,lg and faiz.

Well like always we have our own session of group photograph.

Now its time to pay the bills lol. For everything that we eat cost us around RM 409 for the lunch.

After lunch shae had to leave us since he got stuff to do somewhere.

The rest of us just carry on walking around pavilion. The girls were busy looking at stuff while the boys were still hungry lol. The boys decided to go to Michael Angelo's to eat pizza since joanne were training there before and recommended the pizza there. The pizza only cost us around RM 25. Cheap huh. Sorry someone forgot to take picture lol.

After 3 hours of walking around pavilion. We decided to give atika n nadya a visit at their workplace which is the TGI Friday at Life Centre KL. The moment we reach there. A girl suddenly ran out of TGI Friday and were screaming like a crazy girl lol ahahahaahahah but actually its atika who were so happy to see us when we got there lol. Well yea since most of us didnt see each other for like 2 months of course we miss everyone right ?

Well since we are there of course we would order something to eat right ?

Friday's Sundae for me and lg. Yong Jay who is still hungry ordered steak for himself. Fried mac and cheese and salad something to share for all.

Well after finish eating and talking. Atika arranged something for Joanne since its her birthday.
You know in TGI friday's when it is someone's birthday they would ask you to stand on your chair to make a speech and then they would sing something for the birthday guy/girl and also free slice of cake too lol.

Atika presenting the cake to joanne.

She went blur for awhile since dont know what to say anymore lol

Well after that its time for us to go since its already late. say goodbye to everyone and left to go back home.
Anyway Happy Birthday to Joanne !! ;) someone is getting older already.

So that's all for today.More post coming soon if i happen to go out or anything.

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