Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1 day left :)

Today is the 2nd last day of my training at sheraton. Its been 2 months since i train here. Everyday working 9-5 is gonna end soon :) YAY ! but what am i gonna do on holidays ? i'll probably have like 1 month+ of holiday. Since next month is Ramadhan month, i think i can't do much either. Let's talk about yesterday, after work straight to carrefour to work on my specs(its been awhile since i wore my specs anyway) my cousin called and invited me and sis to eat seafood at somewhere near the subang airport. Picked up uncle at Sunway Resort Hotel and went straight to eat dinner. We had crabs, prawns(allergy to prawns OMG!WTH),chicken,garoupa fish,oysters and many more lol. We didnt plan much after ..just sent uncle back to the hotel and went home at USJ 26 (new house) to take some stuff. After that my cousin , sis and me went to pyramid to catch a movie there. We were planning to watch meet dave...but in the end we watch Mirrors (18PL) usually english horror movie kinda sux...but i can say that this movie is good. My 2 lovely ladies already went for holiday :( 1 off to Beijing another to Jakarta..gonna miss them ;( well it felt kinda lonely now..since i usually go out with them...now either eating alone or cook something for myself at home. There's not much work to do now at office...so it felt like the time moves slower than usual...i've always anticipated for the clock to reach 5 pm lol and yes i'm still in sales and marketing department (which is 3 weeks already) Hmm i think there's someones birthday today at the office..i heard they bought lots of food to celebrate which is after 5pm today. There's also a farewell dinner today for the trainee...since most of us will be leaving this friday. i still dont know what's my plan for this holiday...my uncle promise me to bring me along to jakarta since he go there every week hopefully i get to tag along :) hmm so where to go ???? give me ideas !!! i dont want to just sit at home doing nothing ...that's kinda lifeless..anyway gtg now

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