Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sheraton Subang Annual Dinner '08

Well yesterday was the annual dinner for Sheraton Subang which is held only once a year.Well sorry as u all know me, i don't like to take pictures for some reason :) . Most of the staff n trainees get to enjoy themselves tonight. For this annual dinner, we have a dancing competition between departments. Even trainees get to join in which ever department they're currently in. As for me, i didn't performed but just watch my colleagues (sales and marketing) performed. Well we didn't manage to win instead the Engineering department got the 1st place, 2nd place goes to F&B and 3rd to Front Office. Congrats to the winner. We all had fun watching them performed. For those who loves to drink, we get to drink free flow of wines n beers (that's why many people didn't turn up for work today lol). Back to training story, I'm left with 2 more weeks of working YAY ! :) well me and Bryan was planning to invite some people to go holiday with us either to Singapore or to Pulau Langkawi. Hopefully we can go there cause we really need a break from working anyway ? who doesn't right ? okay see you people. Enjoy your training.

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