Monday, July 21, 2008

Training in purchasing department

Its been almost a month since i start working in the purchasing department. First week was receiving goods from the supplier. All i do was chop on the invoice, sign and check the goods whether its in good condition or not. Repeating the steps the whole week. Well for second week, i mostly stayed in the office typing in the information from the price quotation and start comparing prices from different supplier. Usually there's alot of information to be type-in and take like the whole day of looking n typing it in. For third week, its a mix of both of them. Finally i'm in the last week in purchasing. The last week is much fun because there is this pretty girl from our college but doing higher diploma and she's from indonesia. The motivation to go to work haha :) well looking forward for next week since i'll be training in sales and marketing for 1 month. Btw training at sheraton subang hotel and towers again.

anyway good luck and have fun with your training everyone. Hope to see u guys soon after the training.

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