Friday, June 20, 2008


well its been awhile since i last my post my blog....yeah i know...been pretty busy with exams ...and today was the last paper for term 4 final exam which business was kinda easy actually since if u know the format of doing the essay u wouldnt have a prob doing it. Other than that will be going back to sheraton subang hotel and towers again for training but this time it will be just in sales and marketing. hopefully it wont be boring since most probably will just follow ppl around doing sales at the hotel. ya i know...i dont like to post pictures in blogs :) well i started to go to gym again at california fitness at sunway pyramid this time....its a nice place with alot of gym equipment that covers most of the body part u want to workout..well past few days did nothing but studying for exam from saturday till friday today. went for movies with suat ling ,her sis suat lay and bunch of friends for the made of honour premiere at TGV One utama...we've enjoyed the movie :) ...apart from that meet another girl called angelyn chong ( pretty girl ) she's 1 year younger btw...been chatting alot with her on msn...well since now its the holidays...i need plans !!! anyone wanna go somewhere ? or do something fun ? call me ! :P

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