Thursday, June 24, 2010

Long holiday considered boring but when it's ending soon, we wish it won't end.
College will start soon end of next month, that's where my final year degree will start.
More works, assignments, reports and thesis to be handled soon.
6 months training after the 1st semester, sigh i hate training.
But look on the bright side, I'll be going to France during my final semester for 2 weeks.

Actually so many things have been on my mind lately, since I'm so free at home.
I was thinking about how will i turn out after my studies?
What will happen to me in 10 years time?
Right now, i don't really care about relationship.
More focus on something else.
Like my best friend said why don't you give yourself a break, be single for the time being.
I agreed to him, cause if i were to be in 1, that girl should be like a rebound.
and i'm not so bad like someone to be putting her in that condition.

Been going to gym for 6 months already and not much difference.
Probably because of my eating lifestyle.
Did alot of cardios but still the same.
I guess i need to control what i eat and drink.

Okay then no more whinning since i already don't know what to write anyway.

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