Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does anyone knows what they really want in life?
Well i don't think so, that's why people take risk exploring and experiencing new things.
There's really nothing to lose, but if you didn't take the risk,
You'll probably have this thinking of "what if" and regret that you didn't take the chance.

But once you know that something is bad for you, of course it's time for you to let it go.
Just like love, you let go. If it does come back, and dont leave you again and again, it's yours.
If not it's just another phsycoligal method to get people on their "hook".
"Hook" meaning giving the person a light of hope for you to be together but just for him.
In reality, this kind of person would do anything for that other person because he/she thought he/she might have the chance to be together but it's not gonna happen ever.
Mostly they would use the word "i can't be with you right now" or "i don't know what i want for now".
Sadly i've experience being hooked by one.
After looking back, i feel very stupid and really looked like a fool back then.
That's why if you notice you're being used or the other person only look for you for benefits,
the answer is "Leave and Move On Immediately".
This kind of people only find you when they need you, but when they don't, basically you don't exist, you're only exist when she needs something from you.

So please be careful and don't get yourself "hooked".


wishing_star said...

its true what u said that a person need to take risk...thats why im taking the risk of exploring the unknown...letting go everything and move on with my life without tangling myself with the crazy life of a relationship...
Hurting the feelings of other people is not a nice thing to do...therefore im gonna find out what i want in life and move on...
Im also gonna erase muhammad faiz bin sahrom and micheal edwin ochieng' from my life....thanks for everything u more hurting people and no more heartbreak...goodby...

faiz said...

lol now u can add johariz m. sani to your list. your karma for hurting people will go back to you someday. your ignorance will cause u to do the same thing over and over again because u don't experience what it's like to be really hurt by someone you love...what u experience till now is good luck to you...hope for the best to the way i can see johariz likes you lol i'm a guy i know but i don't really give a damn...didnt i told you to stay away?