Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's been a while since i last blog or talking to this imaginary wall of mine.

In fact i have something to share.
You know when they say "people come and go".
It does happen to me this few months. People do come and go.
When i was dating another girl, this ex of mine appeared again.
Due to confusion and unresolved feelings before made me let go of that girl i was dating.
Well to be honest, we were not on a good terms anyway. So, i guess it was the right thing to do.

Obviously i went back with my ex. Technically not officially, cause she was still with her current bf.
Well this thing we're having lasted only for few days and again i got left like how she did earlier.
But its okay since i don't really put much hope in this and kinda know where we going anyway.
So we became strangers again.

Few weeks later, she was going out with my sis, cause my sis needed her help to go to Johor to meet with her bf. Without my knowing, i was kinda angry at both since my feelings is still hurt.
I did not want to see her nor calling or texting, basically i didn't bother to know her existent.
Knowing me, when she messaged me that time, i was really pissed off.
So, i sent many messaged that was kinda harsh in a way. I don't really mean it when i say that.
It's just my nature to be treating other people that pisses me off.

Few days later, she got admitted into the hospital but nothing serious i guess.
I was worried about her, well if you must know, I'm still in love with her.
Visited her in the hospital with my sis, i bought some daisies for her as well.
Well in front of my sis, i acted cold to her and didn't talk to her at all.
But the next day, i visited her myself and accompanied her.
Taking her out for a walk on the wheelchair.
Buying her some hot dog and drinks since she's been eating hospital food (food sucks).
Basically spending time as if I'm her bf, taking care of her, being there for her.

But when she's been discharge from hospital, i guess i was forgotten in an instant.
Didn't received any calls or messages.
Not a single word from her since then.
I guess she only needed me since she was all alone there.
But the moment she went out, I'm back to where i was.
Being a complete stranger.

That's why people come and go.
People will find you when they needed something.
When they don't, you're just a nobody.
Left forgotten.

But it's okay, i gave up on all those things I've said before.

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