Friday, June 18, 2010

A story about a friend of mine,
An insight about him is that he is a selfish guy,
He doesn't have a mother and his father stays far away from him.
He's living with his sister and step brother.

Likes to pretend in front of people, acting cool and being cold to the person he loves.
He even said the meanest things to her and did many wrong doings to her before.
But actually if you know the truth behind those ice cold figure,
He's actually lonely and always cry at night when he's alone in his room.
No matter what he did or said before, he actually does care and love her.
Maybe it's just his way of showing how much he care and love for that person.
He's always there when she needed him, no matter how cold he is, he's still gonna be there,
showing up everytime she calls or messaged him.

Wonder why he's acting like that?
It's because the person he loves isn't with him anymore, she's with someone else.
It's really painful to see someone you love with someone else.
Of course a man's ego is to show that you're doing fine and treating her cold as if you hate her.
Sometime he would just call her just to hear her voice and puts down the phone as soon as she said hello.
Oftenly does it when he's crying in his room, missing that person so much.
He said that he would eventually erase her from his life permanently,
but doesn't seem doing well at it.
Because all he does everyday is looking at her facebook, thinking about her,
wondering what she's doing, is she fine or doing well right now.
It's not as if he has nothing better to do, it's just that he's been with her for a year plus,
well for many people this time frame is short but for him it was very long.
He have met lots of girls before her and after her, dated and coupled with most of them, but of all of those girls, he can only think about her.
Logically speaking, that girl was the first that he felt happy and sad at the same time.
He did many things that he didn't do with others, he didn't felt what he felt with others as well.
Although sometimes his friends tells him that he suffers being with her, but actually he suffered more without her.
Even when he's happy, he'll never be happy like he was with her.
He kept wondering to himself whether one day he could have those moments with her again.
Being happy, sad or any moments, which leads to her being there with him again.

I felt sorry for him, but he told that he is determine to let her go permanently.
He won't wait for her anymore and act like a fool.
Eventhough how much he loves her, eventually he needs to face the ugly truth that she's gone and let her go.
So he's currently struggling to find happiness and ways to erase this bitterness.
Trying not to think of her, making himself occupied, having more responsibilities.
Whenever he has the urge to call her, he would just tell himself that it's over and he need to wake up; and stop acting like a child, because nothing is permanent in this world.
One day everything or everyone will leave you someday, and it's up to you on how you gonna live your life in the future.

Well that's about it for now, a story about a friend of mine.
Kinda sad to see someone being miserable like this but what to do, this is life.
Without challenge there's no meaning to life.


wishing_star said...

its funny that u actually felt that way...a friend of mine felt that she needs some time of with her ex-bf...she dated another guy that is supposedly be better than her ex..trying her best to be happy with what she have currently...but somehow she would still have some little time to remember her memories with her ex-bf and cry like a little girl...My friend told me that he used to beat her up, accusing her of things she never do,being overly paranoid and also a sex addict...and as a friend to her i would say that she should leave him coz he's not worth ur time..however she would still run back to him again n again..its funny u know...but finally she broke up with him permanently..but im not sure if she's totally over her ex..but she had told me that she wants her ex-bf to have a girl that can cherish him a lot...coz she felt that she is already too tainted to be with her is a crazy thing...but u know what, rite now my friend would cry every nite for her current bf and begging for his attention just like her ex-bf did towards her...i guess what goes around comes dont worry faiz...just be happy...just like u checking ur ex-gf facebook she also check her ex-bf facebook..and she also misses her ex-bf and trying to forget him..but its hard for her too...

faiz said...

if what u said about ur friend is true...then she shouldnt have any problems forgetting a guy like that, since she already have someone better than her ex. so this guy is not worth her time then. i dont think ur friend thinks about the ex because she loves him..its just out of pity, but somehow i dont think that guy is all that bad...ur friend as i can see is blaming it all on him. there's always a reason why a person does..whether its right or wrong..everyone makes mistakes...but if u're friend cant forgive him...i can understand. well thanks for the comment..i hope ur friend will be happy without him..just tell her if u hate someone that much, why bother thinking about him? dont see him or anything related to him...if she's happy with another guy, then give her full commitment...u have to understand urself before understanding others...think about what u want 1st before making any decision..cause maybe one day u're just too late for something very important to you..