Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dissertation, assignments, projects and reports. These common words heard beginning of the final year term of degree. Fasting month just kicked off like 5 days ago and still on going for another 25 more days. It seems like time just moved a lot faster than before. With 1 year left to completing my degree more question came to pop up in my head. I promise myself i won't slacked off this final year and will try to get 1st class honors again. That way i can probably apply for scholarship again for my masters program in the near future.

Just got my P license after being forced by my parents. I was kinda lazy to get it because i didn't have a car for myself yet. Since my sis's car is the only 1 now, she likes to ask me to drive her around now. I'll probably need to drive back to hometown for this upcoming Hari Raya. WHY MUST IT BE MANUAL ? LOL. To drive around in a manual car around the city center area is really troublesome, why ? cause there's a lot of cars on the road and you'll probably be stuck in a jam.

I can't seem to handle my finance very wisely these days even though I'm not attached to anyone right now. I guess, I'm appreciating myself too much until i forget to save up some.
Thank God its fasting month, i guess i can save up a bit since i won't be eating a lot. Bad thing is i don't really go to the gym these few days. After breaking fast, your body should be filled with food and you can't really work out unless you rest for like 1 hour or more. Another thing is gym kinda close early during this month i guess since not many will go anyway.

I guess that's all for now, time to work my ass off instead of slacking. Don't want to make all my work pile up.

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