Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hari Raya and Birthdays

Firstly Selamat Hari Raya eventhough its already late to wish. Been so busy with college and festive season. So didnt really have the time to blog.

What we all normally do during first day of Raya after the Raya prayers is to go visit sibling's grave. For me, i went to visit my mum and grandmum's grave. Raya is consider one of the sad day for me since i lost my mum 4 years ago 20 days after my birthday.It's been 4 years celebrating Hari Raya without her, it felt really sad.All i can do as a son is to be someone that people can be proud of.

As usual i went back to Seremban to see my dad and step's siblings for Raya. Manage to get almost 1k of green packets this year...this is considered low since i usually get more than that....the reason mostly because i was kinda lazy to go to some houses that i'm suppose to go to visit each year. Well usually there is my dad to follow us to go there but he's at seremban so can't visit during Raya time. Well since its Raya obviously there'll be lots of cookies, ketupat and rendang. All of them made by step mum and it's really delicious especially the cookies.

This month quite a number of birthdays that already passed or just around the corner.

Happy 19th birthday to Shannon. Sorry can't make it to your birthday party since i got a really big problem that day.

Happy Birthday to Su Fen.
Jeff-san your birthday coming soon edi...where you want to celebrate ?
Kok Kien yours coming too.. an old friend from high school...long time no see
Cousin Ana who is currently at Singapore for her training

Anyways that's all for now...sorry no picture too busy to get any photos

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