Friday, November 23, 2007

Today ?

hey I'm back.why new blog ? because i forgot my user name and password for the blog and got lazy to update on the old blog. So , anyway what did happen all this while ? basically nothing new same old story. Today 23rd of November i went for the industrial training interview. Well i guess it went well as far as I'm concern cause she(the interviewer) was looking quite happy after the interview so i guess it went well. Apart from that i met a lot of new people recently, mainly from different country.Get to know them in person. Other than that doing the same thing i do everyday, which is play games. Everyday Monday play badminton with college friends. Speaking of badminton, i finally repair my old racket which its string were loose and exchange it with a new string. Hopefully i can do well in my year end exam. Well that's all for today folks.

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