Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today and yesterday ?

hello again. i'm kinda lazy to put pictures cause i'm the picture type person who take picture everywhere i go, so just keep with words is fine. Today we have purchasing and cost control exam, damn it i think i didn't do that well in that test. Well after that all of us got kinda lazy to go for ms hema's class so around 15 people were skipping her class. Some went to eat at ss15 while me and jay went to glenmarie Honda repair place to meet up with his friend. After picking him up , we went to somewhere near sunway college which sells cars accessories. Jay and his friend was interested to buy new rims and tyre. After spending around 30 minutes there we went to McDonald drivethru to have lunch. After that went back to college to attend Mr. Elangkovan class. Study, study and more study cause need to get ready for year end exam which is coming soon. Well after that everything the same that i do everyday. Chatted with max on msn, he ask me to me play dota on facebook LOL. Now moving on to yesterday. Well yesterday did nothing new just same thing that i do everyday. Keep waiting for the "girl" to come online on msn but our schedule is different, so cant really talk much. In fact i didn't even really have a real conversation with her. Just plain hello then after that nothing. But i don't mind bumping into her to a have a conversation but i rarely see her in college nowadays. Maybe cause of the different schedule and timing. Other than that, listening to her favorite song from high school musical 2. Actually i'm really interested in her already. But timing that separate us from talking to each other. Hopefully i can get to know her better and have a real conversation with her. lol kinda emo on my blog again. well that's it for today. I think soon I'll try to add more pictures to brighten up my blog a bit, so it wouldn't be that emo hahaha.

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