Monday, December 3, 2007

last week and today .

I would like to start off with happy birthday to LG which his birthday is today.Apart from that, i went to restaurant practical class which was the last class for me and of course next week is 1st year end exam. 2nd of January will be the date for industrial training. Actually i don't high hopes on getting that someone cause i don't really feel the connection. So might as well chill out and enjoy life while can so that i don't stress out on unnecessary stuff. Besides I'm going to Philippines for 1 year after i graduate diploma cause i need to learn how to manage the family retail business there and also learn about managing the family company. After that will continue with degree but this time its business administration not hotel management. Enough with future plans, now back to the present.On Saturday went to cut hair at my friends salon somewhere near Darussalam, its call ID hair salon. My friend gave me a Mohawk cut and yes it look great. After that went to Bukit Bintang to shop at StarHill Gallery. Went around the area until tired after that went to planet Hollywood for a drink with my cousins n sister. Sorry LG cant make it to your dinner at canadian pizza :P . Well today is like last week monday, played badminton with reagan and wayne. After finish playing went to silva's for a quick drink and went back home. Well after that is what i'm doing now, writing in my blog and what LG would say is emo at my blog again haha.

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